Montalvo Production 2008
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by Ed Robbins
From the August 13 2008 performance


Recorded at Montalvo Arts Center August 13, 2008
Jennifer Goltz, Soprano, Kathleen Moss, Mezzo
Andrew Eisenmann, Baritone, Del Sol String Quartet
The Choral Project, Daniel Hughes, Conductor

1. For Each Ecstatic Instant (Chorus, Strings)
2. I am Afraid (Soprano, Mezzo, Baritone, Strings)
3. I am Alive (Chorus, Strings)
4. Banish Air (Chorus, Strings, Soprano, Mezzo)
5. Much Madness (Baritone, Mezzo, Soprano, Strings)
6. The Soul (Soprano, Small Chorus, Strings)
7. A Wounded Deer (Baritone, Strings)
8. I Heard (Chorus, Strings)
9. Profound Precarious (Choir, Strings)
10. To Be Alive (Choir, Strings)
11. One Need Not (Mezzo, Baritone, Soprano, Small Choir, Strings)
12. Her Face (Mezzo, Baritone, Soprano, Choir, Strings)
13. The Loneliness (Mezzo, Chorus, Soprano, Strings)
14. A Thought (Mezzo, Small Chorus, Strings)
15. The Thrill (Baritone, Strings)
16. Exhilaration (Baritone, Chorus, Soprano, Strings)
17 Me Come My Dazzled (Chorus, Strings)
18 Beauty Crowds Me (Chorus, Soprano, Mezzo, Strings)
19 Whole Gulfs (Chorus, Strings)
20 Take All Away (Soprano, Mezzo, Baritone, Chorus, Strings)